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Photography isn’t just something I do for a living. This is why,
I’m living.

I’m a full-time photographer based in Cebu, PH. For over 5 years now, I have specialized in Lifestyle and Wedding photography.

I just don’t spare audience part of something, but I feature the most intimate detail of everything. I love the idea of how an imagination eventually comes to life and that everything my camera sees has always story to tell.

My photography style is varied. I like clean, natural and candid shots, and I like how my client’s creativity collaborates with my ideas which make the shoot runs smooth.

We have been always proud of my team’s resourcefulness for making everything else in the set so ambitious and satisfying.

It’s also fulfilling that I was once part of people’s lives and journey, that each moment and emotions I capture make it worth to save.

THANKS to everyone that helped!

“Naked eye leads the beauty of photography” –Alvin Asayas